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Planning Promotion of the MICE with Marketing Viewpoint

The Tourism Authority of Japan held "the 2nd project subcommittee of the Committee for International Competitiveness Empowerment of the MICE on Jan.29 at the international meeting room in the central joint government 2nd building.

In spite of that enticement of the MICE holding is significant for great economical effects and generation of businesses, actual achievement and share of the holding in Asia is declining.

The Tourism Authority established the Committee for International Competitiveness Empowerment of the MICE on last November to fundamentally enhance approach for the enticement of MICE in our country. Then a project subcommittee was held on last December.
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Promote MICE business from a marketing perspective

Japan Tourism Agency, on January 29th, held the second meeting of the planning subcommittee on enhancing MICE global competitiveness at the international conference room in the Central Government Building No.2.

With the competition among nations becoming increasingly fierce, Japan is losing its share in Asia when attracting MICE business, which provides high values such as a huge economice impact and the creation of business opportunity.

Last November, Japan Tourism Agency formed a “committee on enhancing MICE global competitiveness” in order to step up drastically its effort toward attracting MICE business to the country, and held a planning subcommittee in December of the same year.
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進行役を務めた高見牧人参事官はMICE強化を プロダクト・プライス・プレイス・プロモーションというマーケティングの4つのPの観点で日本MICEの課題を提起。


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Makito Takami, a facilitator of the subcommittee, put forth an agendas for enforcement of MICE in Japan with a viewpoint of 4P; Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.
He suggested about total amount of holding cost overcoming expensiveness which is a weak point of Japan. Moreover he claim needy of an individualistic branding of MICE, and aggressive utilization of oversea media.

On the other hand, there was requisitions for handle by the government on establishment of systems for cooperation among each city in Japan as a relationship between hub and spokes, without competition with rivals, governments in each Asian country that provide great supports, by the amount of aids.  
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Counselor Makito Takami, who moderated the subcommittee, brought up Japan’s challenges in strengthening its MICE business by pointing out the 4Ps marketing paradigm - product, price, place and promotion. Mr. Takami made proposals on financial effort to overcome the country’s weak point of high cost of hosting exhibitions. He also mentioned the need for MICE-focused branding, and suggested participants to actively use the overseas media.

On the other hand, the participants pointed out that the other Asian countries - Japan’s competitors - receive subsidies from their governments. And, they suggested the Japanese government should take a good control of its administrative systems, such as building a mechanism which enable each Japanese city to cooperate with the government as the hub and a spoke, instead of simply competing against the competitors with the amount of subsidy that it offers.
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