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聴覚に障害を持った子供たち、聴覚障害者の親を持つ子供たちに向かって 確信を持って言える世の中へ変えていく事こそ、一つの使命と考えています。また、切磋琢磨する姿を世界中の障害を持つ子供たちやその家族に披露する事で、新しい希望の光となること、それが私たちの願いであり、目標であります。
davis_teruo911 Translated by davis_teruo911
Welcome to Aichi!
Geographically located in almost the center of Japan, it is a region where nation-wide distribution and exchange faculties gather, shouldering Japanese economy.
We are very happy to be able to hold the second Deaf Mixed Martial Arts Championship here. We send words of welcome to our guests who have gathered here, traveling long and far from countries all over the world.
This Mixed Martial Art Championship is more than just a competition, it contains many meanings.
"The future is bright!"
Can you say that with conviction?
To children with hearing disabilities or children with hearing-impaired parents.
(continuing from previous) We think of it as one of our missions to make this a world where we can say this with conviction to children with hearing disabilities and children with hearing-impaired parents. Furthermore, we make it our goal and wish that by displaying these athletes diligently applying themselves, it will become a new light of hope for children all over the world with disabilities.
For this, we need strength and support from everyone here. Let's all support them with our power!
Well then, please enjoy the world of serious fighting.
Lastly, I would like to express my deep thanks to all our guests, everyone in the hall, all of the athletes, and all the staff who we've caused trouble.

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