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Firstly, Cosplay is not only just dressing in anime, movie fictional characters, it is referring to the act of becoming a visual kei member and wearing a certain occupation uniform.
The origins started out in the beginning of the century in a certain American SF event, and it is said to have started in the SF big event in Japan, around the late 1960s, From there, comics started to sell in doujin circles, and advertising within own circle was done. The trend at that time, there were many drums that represents rock bands, frilly dresses, and nazis, and following that were manga characters.
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起源は、今世紀初頭、アメリカのSFイベントで出現し、 日本では、1960年代末頃、SF大会で始まった言われている。そして、コミックを始めとする同人誌即売会で、売り子さんが自分のサークルの宣伝などで着始めました。 この頃の傾向は、ロック系に代表されるグラムやフリルドレス、ナチスの制服が多く、次いでマンガのキャラクターでした

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