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[Translation from Japanese to English ] sin When Sin supported the main character girl who lost her memories, and ...

iorisan Translated by iorisan

When Sin supported the main character girl who lost her memories, and acted in order to get her memories back in the episode of the anime when Sin appeared mainly, I felt romantic to the kind side of him.

Looking at Sin acting vigorously so he will be looked as a man, and not a childhood friend of the main character, his feelings that is only for her is well depicted and I really really feel jealous towards the main character!!! Being loved that much must be a very happy thing.

If it were me, I would immediately look at Sin as a man.
Ikki attends the same university where Kent attends, and they seem to get along well.

In the episode of anime on a trip to Shinano, they won in a game of air-hockey against Sin and Toma by working out a strategy between the two of them, so maybe they have good team work together too. Looks like Kent came up with the strategy and Ikki acted along with the strategy. From what Ikki says, he is good at games that involves using hands.

I want to pair up with Ikki and play air-hockey together! In my case, I might be too preoccupied with Ikki to be of any use in the game…
I like the scene where Sin, the main character, and Toma are there together a lot!

Like a big brother, the way Toma treats the other two looks so reliable. In the anime, there are a lot of scenes of him where he cares for the main character a lot to support her, and sceneries like that makes me feel comforted.

Rather, I feel so envious towards the main character! I want to be cared for by Toma too, and I want a childhood friend who is like a big brother, like Toma.

In Amnesia, my most favorite character is Toma, so I am looking forward to how he will be depicted in the Anime! I hope I get to see the cool Toma!
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私もイッキとペアになって、エアホッケーを一緒にやりたいですね!私の場合、イッキに夢中になりすぎて、試合にならないかもしれませんが… toma




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