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Hi, I'm premiumdotz!

I am a graduate of Teacher Education (major in biological science) from the sole Japanese-language tertiary institution in the Philippines, Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku.

I have been working as a Japanese-English translator for about five years even when I was still studying the language. I was hired as a translator/proofreader for two companies namely, Creative Connections and Common Inc. and World Intelligence Partners Philippines.

At present, I am working as a Japanese linguist to a few companies providing translation services to U.S. citizens currently receiving medical treatment in Japan.

Looking forward to work with you,


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
Japanese to English Travel 1 year Handled translation of travel blogs in a number of market requests here in Conyac
Japanese to English Medical 2 years Translation of medical documents (medical report, lab results, prior informed consent, medical receipts, etc.) for U.S. citizens currently receiving medical treatment in Japan
Japanese to English Website 3 years Handled translation projects concerning tourism websites and blogs
Japanese to English Manuals 3 years While working for WIP, I handled instruction manual translations for automotive companies
Japanese to English Contracts 2 years Handled translation projects concerning Non-disclosure Agreements, business and sales contracts among others
Japanese to English Advertising 1 year
Japanese to English Gaming 2 years Handled translations of customer complaints and responses for gaming companies
Japanese to English Product Descriptions 1 year Handled translations of products listed in eBay and Amazon as well as company product introductions

Work History

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Standard Requests
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Light Requests
(Translation Jobs / Total Words Translated)
Standard Japanese ≫ English 77  / 1 99  / 179901 433  / 70765
Starter English ≫ Japanese 4  / 1 0  / 0 4  / 818

Working Data

Working Hours
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736 hour / month 96 % (85 / 89)