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I can provide even 15% discount and of course absolutely FREE shipping for any items if you buy not only one item! Delivery to Japan from Ukraine usualy takes at least 14-21days. I do shipping in 1-2days after the buyer pays once watch test completed. All packages are registered with trackings of course and available to track on our Ukrainian postal website and on your as well. It's possible to send money to my bank account, it's the same as sending to credit card. Such transfers usually take about 3-5days. Also it's possible to send money via Western Union money transfer. So, if you're still interested you can directly email me the tracking numbers of that very items you're interested in.


1点以上の商品のお買い上げで、15%もの割引と、もちろん配送料は無料に致します。ウクライナから日本までの配送は少なくとも14から21日はかかります。視聴テストが完了後、ご購入者様の支払が確認されると1,2日で配送致します。もちろん全ての荷物は追跡調査に登録されており、ウクライナ郵便のウェブサイトでも日本のウェブサイトでも追跡が可能です。私の銀行口座に送金してくださっても構いません。これはクレジットカードに送金するのと同じことです。これらの送金にはたいてい3から5日かかります。また、Western Unionから送金していただいても構いません。まだご興味がありましたら商品の追跡番号を直接私にメールで送ってください。

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What I mean is, if I order 5 light kits from Harley for you today and they are serial numbers 10-15, then 3 months from now you order 5 more and they are serial numbers 100-105 and a buyer tries to return a light kit bought as long time ago with the numbers 1-5 then you and I BOTH KNOW that was sold a long time ago and was not just received by you in the last 24 hours. Hope this helps and you are welcome to use this info with your buyers to encourage them to have the items properly and correctly installed.
Missed one part of your asked what the most popular items are
we sell to Japanese buyers. They are:
#1 light kits...all of them
Foot pegs
Sissy bars, luggage racks, backrests



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In the eyes of contemporaries, Antonius stood forth as the senior partner, overshadowing the young Caesar in prestige and in popularity. Of Lepidus none took account: he had family influence and did not resign ambition, but lacked a party and devoted legions. His style of politics was passing out of date. Antonius, however, was still the victor of Philippi; military repute secured him the larger share of credit for making peace when the fortune of war had been manifestly on his side. The complacency of the dynasts and the nuptials of Antonius were soon clouded by disturbances in the city of Rome.The life of Octavianus was endangered. Unpopular taxes, high prices and the shortage of food provoked serious riots: