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after the Distributor's receipt of the Products and the Distributor shall be deemed to have accepted all the Products for which no notice of rejection has been received by the Manufacturer prior to the expiration of such 2 day period.

Products so rejected shall be returned to the Manufacturer within [30] days after written notice of such rejection of Products is sent to the Manufacturer unless the Manufacturer sends the Distributor written notice of instructions with regard to the disposal of such defective Products. Any Products returned pursuant hereto shall, if requested by the Manufacturer, be shipped by the Distributor to a delivery point designated by the Manufacturer, freight prepaid.



このように却下された製品は、製造業者がそのような欠陥製品の処分に関する書面による通知を販売者に送付しない限り、その製品の拒絶の書面による通知が製造業者に送られた後、[30]日以内に製造業者に返却されるものとする。 本書に基づいて返品された製品は、製造業者の要請があれば、ディストリビューターによって製造業者が指定した配送場所に出荷され、貨物は前払いされなければならない。

fish2514 English → Japanese ★★★★★ 5.0
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car booking with the following information:

I note that I need to pick up the car at "Fukuoka Airport International Terminal (TEL: 092-415-1129). However, I still have the following questions or issues:

1) Where exactly is the location for me to pick up the car in Fukuoka Airport?
2) I will have 7 people including 5 adults and 3 children and a few luggage. Is it possible for me to have a car in the same class, i.e., Nissan Serena or similar but with a bigger luggage storage capacity?
3) If you are not the responsible officer for my case, could you please forward my email to him/her.

My booking information sheet is also attached for your kind reference.