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While users are surfing on the internet, the WiFi connection tab will be displayed at the homepage of WeChat, enabling users to browse the details of connected public accounts in one click. In addition, WeChat will offer merchants various data in fields such as like daily visitors, or sent alerts to customers when they are approaching the stores. These data will enable retailers to derive business intelligence from real-time and historical WiFi analytics and convert customers into promoters via the integration of social channels.

WiFi service providers and third-party developers will also gain access to more data from public accounts, helping them to manage user accounts, and so on.




ctplers99 English → Japanese ★★★★☆ 4.0
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When I was young, I thought that many people were too steady, dry, and boring when they spoke. Without even a shred of personal perspective, these people often spoke formally, grasping their speech and reading it aloud politely and seriously… but now I understand a lot of the reason [behind that approach].

Speech isn’t about how you say it, it’s about how other people hear it, or even scarier, how other people write, edit, quote, understand, and transmit it. The saying “trouble comes from the mouth” seems especially scary on today’s technologically-developed web. If you make a small mistake, the results can be disastrous.