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kumako-gohara 52 銀行勤務2年半(日本)、会計事務所勤務3年(海外)。 社内外問わず、相手...

1)USPS does provide a tracking number to me, which in some cases is not transferable beyond customs. Would you like me to charge you a bit more for insurance?

2)You did read and understand the description as well, correct? There is some tear damage to the front and back of the cover. Not too bad at all, but just want to make sure you understand why I am not charging $150-$200+ for this copy. It is really decent, and is very similar to a copy that sold on ebay for $277 in the last few days, only with a little mishap to the cover


1) USPSは私に追跡番号を提供しますが、時々税関を通らない場合があります。保険をおかけいたしますか?

2) あなたは読まれ、説明をよく理解されましたよね?

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helter 53 More than 10-year experience in trans...
helter rated this translation result as ★★★★ 20 Jun 2019 at 08:49


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