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Are you VAT registered in any other EU countries? If so please provide us with the VAT certificates for these countries as evidence. AAA are not registered in any other EU countries.
Are all sales standard rated items? If any items are not standard rated can you please provide details of which items are not standard rated. Please see the “VAT rates per items” document attached – I will complete the attached VAT rates spreadsheet and send to you for approval

Please see the attachment “Seller fulfilled sales and deemed sales” I have listed A sample of transaction event ID’s. Could you please provide evidence for these that show orders were seller fulfilled by providing shipment IDs for these items.


Have you registered VAT in other EU countries? If so, please provide us with proof of VAT for these countries. AAA is not registered in other EU countries.
Is the sales standard item everything? If you have non-standard items, please provide details on which items are not standard. Refer to the attached "VAT Fee per Item" document. We will send you the attached VAT rate spreadsheet and approve it.

Refer to the attachment "Sales Seller Implementation and Proprietary Sales" listing sample A of the Transaction Event ID. Could you provide proof that the seller has fulfilled the order by providing a shipping ID for this item?

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mars16 60 翻訳を始めて、そしてConyacに参加して5年ほどになります(スタンダード...
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