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mini373 60 現在は外資系会社のお仕事をしていますが、以前は、小学生から大学生の留学をお...

「Stay with me」の非売品B2サイズ告知ポスター(ランダムでメンバー直筆サイン入り)



B2 size announcement poster of "Stay with me" which is not for sale (one of the members' autograph will be on it at random).
*You will get one poster per one CD.
*Posters will be given on first-come-first-served basis.

*The number of the bonus items are limited. We will stop handing them out as soon as we run out of the stock.
*The number of the products are limited. We will stop selling them when it reaches to our estimated number.

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Additional info: アーティスト名は「TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE」に統一下さい。