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sujiko 52 IT、金融などを中心として社内翻訳者を数年経験後、フリーランス翻訳者として...



As the first commemorative artist, Daichi Miura appears.
He visits Los Angeles that is a birthplace of Michael Jackson.
He is a person by whom he started the music and bought Michael's CD for the first time when he was 6 years old.
What Daichi Miura who has a voice and rhythm for singing when he he was born as well as called "Japanese Michael" as an entertainer who performs choreography, song writing and musical instrument meet what part of Michael, touch and feel in Los Angeles?
We are going to closely look at how attrative Michael Jackson and Daichi Miura are.

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Additional info: アーティスト名は「DAICHI MIURA」に統一下さい。