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[Deleted Account] 52 Ako ay isang Hapon na nakatira sa Pinas.


There is no problem to declare for 100$ for you.





What country do you live?

There is no problem to declare for 100$ for you.

I can lower the invoice price, but if there is a chance that the item cannot be delivered to you, the compensating amount will be smaller due to less insured item resulting from the under declared price. Is it acceptable for you?

Of course, the item will be covered by the insurance and with the tracking number/

■ I am afraid to say that the shipping country you designated is not included in the shipping charge free countries.
You need to shoulder a separate shipping charge at USD○○. Is it acceptable for you?

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sujiko 52 IT、金融などを中心として社内翻訳者を数年経験後、フリーランス翻訳者として...
sujiko rated this translation result as ★★★★ 25 Jul 2013 at 07:39

"in the shipping charge free countries"よりも"in the countries where shipping charge is free"の方が英語として自然なのでは?

unknown [Deleted Account] 25 Jul 2013 at 07:55

ありがとうございます。本当は「is not included in the countries free of shipping」にしたほうがいいと思っていたのですが、手が先に動いてしまいました。

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