[ReShare Service Shutdown Notice]
On July 31, 2017 we ended our ReShare service.
We still greatly appreciate your continued interest for writing jobs here at Conyac.

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With ReShare you can read a shortened version of news articles from abroad in your own language. It's just as easy as glancing over a map of the world, so why not experience the other events that are happening across the globe?

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You’ll be fascinated to learn and read so many fresh news stories from overseas even for categories that you know well and frequently visit. Broaden your horizons and be sure to read articles that have been ReShared.

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Conyac writers, who are experts in languages from around the world, are submitting breaking news in your language every moment as the situation develops. And soon you will be able to request articles that you would like to read, in the language you want to read them in.