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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] <354> Easily cover up blotches and bags under your eyes with just one applic...

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Easily cover up blotches and bags under your eyes with just one application
with a strong concealer

If you have bruises, uneven skin, cuts,

or even big scars as big as this

Cover it up with a strong concealer and nobody will notice!!

A suprisingly effective concealer power

Kaku-Cealer covers up the blotches on your face and the bags under your eyes, cuts, and even tattoos.

It's long-lasting, and even after many hours it shows no kinks or dryness.
Just by getting rid of the bags and dull skin around my eyes, I saw how much my appearance really changed.
This is truly a great product. The cover hardly ever gets messed up. There are no kinks and the area around the eyes look shiny and bright. (Woman in her 30's) <People who have used Kaku-Cealer>

As I grew older, I developed dark-colored blotches on both of my cheeks, and the concealers I had been using were not working. I used Kaku-Cealer, and although their "only one coat" claim is an exaggeration, after carefully putting on several coats, I was able to conceal those blotches and nobody can tell the difference. They were pretty tough, so I needed more than one coat. Of all the products I used, this was the one that concealed my blotches the best and I love it. (58-year-old woman)

I had horrible bags under my eyes and terrible blotches, so I went ahead and bought it, and it completely and smoothly concealed those blemishes. (Woman in her 20's)
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これは本当にいいです。崩れにくくしっかりカバー。よれないしクマの部分が明るく見えます。(30代 女性) <カクシーラーを使用した方の声>
年を取るごとに濃くなってきたシミ、両頬にあり現在使っているコンシーラーでは隠せなくて困っていました。カクシーラーを使ってみて「一塗するだけで」はオーバーですが、何度か丁寧に重ねて塗ったら大分目立たなく隠せました。結構固いので一塗ではだめでした。今までの中で一番シミを目立たなくしてくれたので気に入ってます。 (58歳 女性)

クマとシミがすごいので購入しましたがきれいに隠れました。(20代 女性)

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