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[Translation from Japanese to English ] You can play with Number Place (sudoku), a well known pazzle game. - There a...

naokey1113 Translated by naokey1113
You can play with Number Place (sudoku), a well known pazzle game.
- There are three levels of games, EASY/NORMAL/HARD with 170 questions each, 510 questions in total. These levels can be an indication.
- Touch and place numbers which are selected in the lower frame to chose numbers.
- Put numbers into all free spots without filling with same numbers in a row, acolumn and a square.
- Do not put wrong numbers or you will lose "LIFE". If LIFE gets 0, further mistake will be given penalty by an addition of one minute. - This is corresponding to GameCenter. You can compete in the number of cleared questions or scores in each level.
- You can compete in how fast you can place numbers in a TIME ATTACK mode.
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・TIME ATTACKモードは、単純に数字を置く早さを競います。

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