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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The other day, I bought a (LEGO SET EIFFEL TOWER) product, but by just lookin...

munira1605 Translated by munira1605
The other day, I bought a (LEGO SET EIFFEL TOWER) product, but by just looking at the item that arrived, it was a second-hand in spite of the "new" label. The bag was opened and even the contents were scrambled all over.
The packaging was dirty too and everything was too sloppy.

I want an immediate refund and return of the product.

If this cannot be done, then I will make a report to ebay complaining about my receiving a faulty product.

I also need to contact my client so I hope to hear from you soon.

From Ogata Miki
User's Request Text
先日、商品(LEGO SET EIFFEL TOWER)を購入させて頂いたのですが、新品という表示にも関わらず、見るからに中古品の商品が届きました。袋が開いていて、中身が飛び出ていたりもしました。





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