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東京ドームは、本年度より新規事業を興す人々をテクノロジーの力でサポートするサービス「ACCEL PROGRAM for BIZ」を導入し、新規事業創出に繋がるアイディアのタネを集っていく。 はたして、両者が取り組むコロナ危機からの回復とビジネスモデルの変革の中枢を担う、新規事業創出にかかる新プロジェクトとは——。 ■中長期的なビジネス変革を目指して始まった、新規事業創出の強化
Translated by kamitoki
[First opening] How will Tokyo Dome come out with its new business during the COVID era?
In 1936, Tokyo Dome started from a mere baseball field. The same company was drawn into Japan's entertainment scene, centering in the aqueduct area, then in 2016 it started its business strategy of creating new business.
Within the company, after progressing with "In-company acceleration program" that looks for start-up companies, the same company, Techfund, was selected as a partner and by offering technologies it supported a lot of start-up companies, and it was able to carry out several deals with major companies who are known to have technological prowess.
Tokyo Dome, from this year, will introduce "Acceleration program for Biz" a service that give support using technological capabilities to people who are interested in new businesses, and will gather seeds of new ideas tied with the creation of new businesses.
As expected, both parties are recovering from the COVID crisis and bearing the burden of revolutionizing their business model. New projects that will create new businesses are!
■Reinforcing new business creation, starting with focusing on mid-term business revolution
Interviewer (Yamamoto)
Below, Yamamoto: First of all, Please tell us how Tokyo Dome executives have come to focus on new business development.
Translated by uchimaki_japan
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