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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It’s been a long time since I last contacted you. Thank you for your message...

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実は、2月に大きなトラブルがあり、半年くらいビジネスがほとんど進められない状態でした。 この素晴らしいプロダクトを日本の人達に届けることができなくなるのはとても残念ですが、
そして私自身、このプロダクトを通して、たくさんの出会いや経験があり、私の人生も大きく変えてくれました。 私はこのプロダクトをほんとうに愛していました。
ほんとうに感謝しています。 まだ一度も直接会ったことがありませんので、いつか会いに行きたいとずっと思っていました。

Translated by steveforest
It’s been a long time since I last contacted you.
Thank you for your message.
I understand the situation although I am surprised to hear that.

I just wanted to make a new order because the stocking of our inventory has been decreased.
I am sorry that I couldn’t order a lot this year.
We were facing huge trouble last February, so I couldn’t proceed with the business at full speed as I expected.
I regret that we cannot deliver this brilliant product to Japanese customers, however, I predict the day will come every time I hear the story of “◯◯” or massive inflation in Europe.
Thanks to this product, we appreciate so much to have been delivered the joy to Japanese customers for 10 years.
Also, the product, greatly changed my life as I could see a lot of people, and experiences.
I truly love this product so much.
It was a second to none what you could only make, that we cannot see anywhere else in the world.
So, I am feeling sad now, but I am happy because I have been dealing with this product.
Also, I bring back the days and it is a miracle that I could have been involved with you for 10 years, far away from where you live.
I really appreciate what you did.
I wanted to see you for ages as I couldn’t see you in person.
I don’t know when to come but let me have an opportunity to see you in Lithuania someday as I could adjust my schedule.
I am sad if this relationship with you ends, so I think I would like to continue this good relationship.
I hope you succeed in your new business.

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