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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I purchased the ski liquid wax. I asked the seller to transfer it from Oregon...

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I purchased the ski liquid wax. I asked the seller to transfer it from Oregon, US to Japan. But it is impossible to send it to Japan because the liquid itself is the object for the prohibition of carriage. There are two ways for treating this problem. One way is to cancel the eBay deal. The other is to request collection of the parcel after issuing the FedEx EMX label. It requires to let me know the size and weight of the parcel, the name of the sender, the zip code and address, and the phone number after packaging the parcel securely to have the FedEx EMX label issued. It is also necessary to make the parcel to be devised to be packed not too big. Concerning the liquid, there is no problem if the FedEx will collect the parcel and the export is permitted by the authority.

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