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[Translation from Japanese to English ] When you maximize an app with M1 macbook + Monterey, a black screen is duplic...

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本体からHDMIx1 WAVLINK DisplayLinkからHDMIx2を出力しています。
Translated by steveforest
I am experiencing a black screen duplicated seeing on DisplayLink when I expand at the maximum on the app by using M1macbook+Monterey.
I am using a MacBook of M1Pro.
I have got 2 HDMI outputs from the HDMIx1 WAVLINK DisplayLink of the main unit.
On the main monitor, I maximise the app, a black desktop is duplicated on a monitor of DisplayLink.
Because of that, the monitor of DisplayLink remains black afterwards.
Have you got any way to solve this problem?
With regards,

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