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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Record and sleeve are both VG. Sleeve front has 4" split at bottom opening ed...

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Record and sleeve are both VG. Sleeve front has 4" split at bottom opening edge, 1" split at top opening edge, some ring wear, and rounded corners. Back shows some discoloration to white paper and some smudges top right. Bottom edge shows a small amount of liquid staining. Record shows numerous hairlines on both sides and one mark that can be felt on on side 1. This does not sound through my speakers. Both sides play without skips but with crackles and pops present throughout.
steveforest Translated by steveforest
レコードとスリーブは共にVGの状態です。スリーブ前部において、底の開口部エッジに4" の裂け目があります。又、上部のエッジにも 1" の裂け目があり、リングには摩耗の跡、コーナーには丸みが認められます。背面は白紙への髪色落ち、右上に汚れがあります。下のエッジには一か所小さな液体のシミがあります。

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