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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Why cannot I make an order items listed rather than catalogue? Otherwise, ple...

steveforest Translated by steveforest
Why cannot I make an order items listed rather than catalogue? Otherwise, please cancel my entire order.
As these aren't sold at the retail, cancel all unless I cannot make an amendment.
Items other than ordered should be negotiated for the cancelation for maker, please.
If all the paid ordered information for the arrival situation isn't obtained frequently ,I cannot ask our customer for the payment.
When proposing all the customers, we are thought that we are selling at expensive price with high profit always.
It is going to be hard for accepting order next time.
Is there any other customer in other areas?
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I worked for the broadcaster as an engineer for over 35 years.
During my career, I was dispatched to Mexico and Thailand as a JICA expert for broa...

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