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[Translation from English to Japanese ] I understand that some parts of your item on your order are missing and I kno...

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I understand that some parts of your item on your order are missing and I know how you must be feeling right now since I too would definitely feel the same way if the order I paid for came incomplete.

I have reviewed your order and currently, sending the missing parts are not available since this item is a whole set or a whole piece item. Since this is the case, please let us know whether you'd like us to send a replacement for your item or if you want a refund. If you request a replacement and the item is no longer available, a refund will automatically be issued to the original form of payment.

However, in order for us to process a replacement or a refund we need to get the order that has the missing parts first. We can process this at your request or if you would wish, you can return the item with the missing parts to a local Walmart store for an much faster refund process just make sure it is packaged completely before returning the item.

However, I do also suggest that you contact the manufacturer to see if they are able to send you instructions for this product. We will attempt to be in contact with them but I strongly recommend that you contact them also directly.
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静岡県出身、ドイツ在住のshimaumaと申します。英⇄日(TOEIC960レベル)、独⇄日(TELC B2レベル)に対応可能です。非ネイティブのブロークンな英語であっても、文脈から意味を推測するのが得意です。Conyac上では、趣味関係やネットショップのメールのやりとり、観光案内等の翻訳を進...

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