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[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1. % of related compounds and Chlorobenzene are to change to % of area. Was...

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1. Related compoundsとChlorobenzeneが%→Area%に変更している。
2. Phenyl butyric anhydride :NMT 3.00 %についてCTDに明記されていないですが、実施しているのであればその書類を送付してください。
3. それ以外は変更なしという理解をしていますがよろしいですか?
sujiko Translated by sujiko
1. Related compounds and Chlorobenzene were changed from percentage to areas percentage.
Is this that area was simply not filled out before change?
Please tell me the reason of the change, when it was changed and influence to quality.

2. Phenyl butyric anhydride: 3.00 percent was not listed in CTD.
If it has been carried out, would you send me a document?

3. May I understand that items other than that have not been changed?

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