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But, as Cook acknowledged, products chosen to be sold in Apple's stores or that want to use Apple's certified badges (for example, with “MFi” program ) are things Apple can actively exert some control over.

“We carefully decide what goes in our store," he said. “That's sort of how we would put the finger on that scale to try to motivate people to do the right thing.”

Going back to the potential for a green-themed distinction or mark from Apple...when asked whether he had a plan to encourage more of these third-party manufacturers to be more sustainable, Cook confirmed that something in the realm of a mark or badge for specific products that measured up to Apple's high bar for sustainability isn't off the table.
“In a case where there's something that is required from us, like for use of our mark and the case of the [Lightning] connector, yes, that is something we're talking about,” he said.

Cook hopes more companies will follow in the wake of Apple’s moonshot sustainability practices. “We think that we fail if we only do it ourselves,” he said. “We do it because we want to leave the place a bit better than we found it, and not just what is left when we get finished with it."
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アップル社からの環境保護を目的とした印や区別の可能性はという話に戻れば・・第三者の生産社にもっと持続可能な方向でいくように推奨するかと尋ねられ、クック氏は持続可能性に高い基準を設けているアップル社の製品に何らかの領域でマークやバッジを付けることは議論から外れたことではない、と認めた。 「マークの使用やLightningコネクタのケースなど、Appleに必要なものがある場合、まさにそれこそが今私が話しているものなのです」とクック。

クックは、Appleのムーンショットの持続可能な取り組みを受けて、より多くの企業がAppleに続くことを期待している。「Appleだけがやっていても失敗すると思います」とクック。 「私たちは1つの場所を去る時に、最初にその場所に来た時よりも、少しだけきれいにして去りたいのです。最初に来た時と同じ状態にして去るのでは不十分なのです」

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