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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I'm sending you a quotation that was made based on the image received. P...

shimauma Translated by shimauma
I'm sending you a quotation that was made based on the image received.

Please also confirm if there are any changes made on the information for application received before.

If there are no changes, I will issue a contract.

A voucher will be issued upon signature of the contract.

If you sign the contract by the 23rd of this month, an invoice will be issues at the end of this month (Payment due by the end of next month.)

Please note that this is only for Japanese program and that English program is not included in the quotation.

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静岡県出身、ドイツ在住のshimaumaと申します。英⇄日(TOEIC960レベル)、独⇄日(TELC B2レベル)に対応可能です。非ネイティブのブロークンな英語であっても、文脈から意味を推測するのが得意です。Conyac上では、趣味関係やネットショップのメールのやりとり、観光案内等の翻訳を進...

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