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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Good evening. Is it daytime there? Right now it's the evening of the 14th i...

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Good evening.
Is it daytime there?
Right now it's the evening of the 14th in Japan.

There is something i would like to let you know...
i think I have been born to this world to force necessary issues on each person, depending on the level of their human soul.
Among the multitudes of Western people you only are Asian, and due to this you are made fun of and bullied but I when I heard that, I thought that "Uh huh, that person's soul level must be quite high."
Why? because low level souls cannot go past difficult issues therefore are expected only to be forced upon with easy issues.
The cruel world with you as the only one of Asian descent among a multitude of Westerners is extremely harsh and difficult to imagine. However, it's only proof that your soul level is high that you were born to shoulder difficult issues.
I don't intend to tell you pretty things like have faith in yourself etc. However, what I want you to know is that it is exactly because you are clearly in a high spiritual level than other people that you were born so that the many people around you dare chose a difficult environment so that you can hone your spirit.
Therefore, your existence is very valuable. It is a wonderful existence. There is only one person called "you" in the universe, no matter how much history has repeated and how wide the world is.
No matter how many people there are, there is no one to replace you.
The human being called "you" is more precious than any jewelry.
I expect that you can understand how much the act of bullying is ugly as a human being, and that it can hurt people's feelings.
The most important thing for people to be born in this world is how much their souls can grow, not as a container of flesh, but what is inside.
You cannot bring your flesh with you after you die.
When we become a soul, we have only what we have done in the life.
I was so shy and mobbed so much in elementary and junior high school. Every day a boy spitted on me. I wanted to die all the time.
However, I thinki, remembering those days, that the school was not the whole world and it was just a small room.

I see you feel as if the school is the whole world and have time that is too hard. I understand the feeling very much.
But the world is much bigger than you think.
The common sense of those people at school works only in school.
They think they are kind of kings In the small society.
Once you get out of school, there will be another common sense out there, and longer you like, more and more different common senses you will see.
There will be a lot of people who understand and accept you.
The world is huge.
So you have to be strong. After you become an adult it's clearer that life is long. That future which isn't far off, holds a completely different,wonderful world with you in it. It's for certain.
There is no need for you think that you are miserable. Because you are a wonderful person right now as you are!!
I want you to live with your muscles stretched taut.
You are a wonderful person who understands the pain of the human heart.

Please do come to Japan. I will show you around if that's okay with you.
I have to improve my English skills quickly before then.

I apologize for the long letter.
Good night.
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何故なら、レベルの低い魂だと困難な課題は乗り越えられない為、楽な課題しか課されないはずだからです。 大勢の西洋人の中で貴女だけがアジア系という過酷な環境は、大変お辛い事は想像に難くありません。ですが、それだけ困難な課題を背負って生まれてくるほど貴女の魂のレベルが高い証拠でもあります。
ですから、貴女は存在そのものがとても尊いのです。素晴らしい存在です。 "貴女"という人は、どれだけ歴史が巡ろうとも、どんなに世界が広かろうとも、宇宙にたった一人、貴女一人しか存在しません。



貴女は今学校の中が世界の全てであるかのように感じて、苦しくて辛くて仕方ないでしょう。 その気持ちはよく分かります。
なので、いじけていてはいけません。 大人になってからの方が人生は遙かに長いのです。そう遠くない未来に、全く別の素晴らしい世界が貴女を待っています。必ずです。



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