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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This is a gem made by a real blacksmith factory. It has a sharp cutting which...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
This is a gem made by a real blacksmith factory. It has a sharp cutting which reduces your hard work.
In Japanese, a shape of sickle called twisted sickle is designed to be flat with its blades to the ground when to cut grass. As for cutting grass in the garden, it has been used for a long time.
Also, by using it digging like shaving the ground, you can cut from the root of grass, and protects weed to protect to grow for a long period of time.
It is a light and easy to use short-type. Its weight is just 0.3 pounds and its length is 12 inches, and so it is easy to use for just a work of cutting grass.
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