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当店はご購入者様に出来るだけ早く、そして安全確実にお届けするため書留便で発送しております。(アメリカではポスト等からの盗難が多いと聞いておりますので、サインの要らないSAL便では送らないようにしています) ただ純粋にご購入者様に良かれと思い書留便で発送したことだけはご理解頂ければと思います。
殆どのご購入者様には早く届き大変喜んで頂いておりますが、ご不在がちの方には今回のように大変ご不便をおかけすることもあり、必ずしも良いことではないということがわかりました。今後はこのことを真摯に受け止め、ご購入者様に発送方法を選択できるようにしたいと思っております。(今回のように低額商品の場合はSAL便でもよいのかもしれません。SAL便はお届けまで2〜3週間かかりますが…) もしできましたら私のネガティブ評価を変更して頂けないでしょうか ? ご連絡の程宜しくお願い致します。
Translated by kamitoki
Thank you for patronizing our store.
I checked the negative feedback.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience we place on you this time.
We ship by registered mail so that we can deliver goods to our customers as fast, and safely and reliably, as possible.
(We have heard that cases of theft from the post etc is numerous in America so we make it a point not to send by SAL which does not require signatures.) We were simply thinking about what is good for the customer when we sent by registered mail. I hope you understand.
I am extremely pleased to have been able to quickly deliver to almost all of my customers but there are times when this places an extreme inconvenience to those who are not always at home, like this time. I understand it's not necessarily always a good thing. I will sincerely prevent this in the future and would make it a point to ask the customer about their preferred shipping method. (For a low-priced product like this time, something like SAL might be best. Though SAL may take 2-3 weeks...) If possible, could you change my negative review? Hoping to hear from you.

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