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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I transmit this email not only about my personal life in Tokyo but also about...

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I transmit this email not only about my personal life in Tokyo but also about the jewelry we create.

Tokyo- Fully bloomed cherry blossoms
For Japanese people this sakura season brings this special feeling.
The sakura period is short, which is only for a week or so from the time the blossoms fully blooms till they fall. And since school and office year starts in April here in Japan so many people start their new life along with this season.Japanese people reflect their thoughts about their events such as a school entrance ceremony and the start of one's office work, etc. along with their milestones of their life.
And after a week or so, the petals fall like a snowfall innocently. Fully bloomed sakura is one, but their beauty upon falling is magnificent. The short life of flower appears to be linked to the sense of beauty deriving from the Japanese notion of "wabi" and "sabi" which admires the moment of the short life is the most beautiful. I always feel like reflecting such subtle sense of beauty into our jewelries, too.

There are lots of good spot for cherry blossoms near the shop, too.

Toho is known as a famous movie studio from where a countless number of Japanese movies were created. At the river runs nearby, cherry blossoms are lit up in at night. Sakura at night is beautiful like an illusion.

We are also creating sakura jewelries now. Cherry blossoms are carved with a Japanese traditional technique, called Wabori. Japanese carving specific is cut natural part. By carving a half way of a lief and part of a petal and rest of which being not seen, is to be imagined in your mind. The carving needs a Japanese traditional tool called Tagane and Kozuchi, and curved one by one. If you are in Tokyo at this time of season, please come to our shop on your way to enjoying cherry blossoms.
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