[Translation from English to Japanese ] I noted that you wanted us to request the C79 documents from July to November...

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I noted that you wanted us to request the C79 documents from July to November 2018 and this should be fine now that your previous agent stated that they never received them. It confirms that the import VAT for this period was not reclaimed. If so there should not be any refund cheques either for this period. If you expect a refund cheque in regards to a prior return I will need you to confirm the quarter and we could open a separate query.

We could also request the C79 for April 2018 and February to April 2017, however, if you decided to reclaim the VAT from these older documents now we would need proof that the import VAT was not already reclaimed in the corresponding UK VAT returns.

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2017年2月から4月のC79を要求することもできますが、こうした古い書類からVATを申告する場合は、輸入品に対するVATがまだ該当する英国のVAT Returnによって申告されていないという証拠が必要になります。
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