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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Currently Japan Post and US Post are in touch with regard to the compensation...

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現在、日本の郵便局とアメリカの郵便局とでレンズの補償(保険)の件でやり取りをしています。レンズは紛失の可能性がありますが、見つかる可能性もありますので、郵便局の対応をもう少し待って頂けますか? ebayからのアドバイスではレンズがどうなっているのかまだ不明なので、バイヤーに返金するのは待ってくださいと言われています。

Translated by sujiko
I am working on compensation (insurance) of the lens between the post office in japan and the one in the States. The lens might have been lost but we might find it. Therefore, would you wait for a little more? As eBay advised that they do not know the situation of the lens, they said that I have to wait about refunding to buyer.
They told me about compensation (insurance), and I am sure that I will refund you after amount of the lens is decided to be paid to me. Please do not worry. I will work on it conscientiously.

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