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[Translation from Japanese to English ] A work which attempts to produce the feeling of atmosphere and air of the dan...

japan31 Translated by japan31
The work that used the small prop which contains the atmosphere and the impression, and the actions and movements of people who once existed here.

A single text written by an artist who based in Japan. Using the same text as a concept, different artists and dancers who based in Korea will perform daily.

One artist use one prop.

A prop will contain the artist's atmosphere and impression.

A person's movements and actions are reflected in small tools, and traces of performance are accumulated in the exhibition space.

Time of performance by artists and dances: 4 pm daily

(Audience participation type performance work) The work that raises atmosphere and impression of a dance performance which no longer exist here.

In A.K's project, we are trying to find out how to convey atmosphere and impression at the time of the dance performance to a third party who were not physically there.
In this work, by using interviews (testimony) of the audience participating in the performance as a material, we present a space where your can imagine and feel the performance.

Set up a stopwatch for 3 minutes before entering the room,. Place all your belongings in the container outside of the room. Please do not forget the mobile phone, keys, and pens in your pocket. Rule

Enter the room in pairs (with a person you never had conversation with. )

Sit in a chair.

Try to communicate with your partner.
Do not use language or voice. Do not touch your partner. Do not get up from a chair or move the chair. Do not use tools (e.g. shoes, clothes, etc.). You can use your body, eyes, facial expressions, hand movements, etc. (You can enter and leave the room at any time.)

When the stopwatch rings, go outside the room.
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(観客参加型パフォーマンス作品) もうここにはないダンス公演の空気感や気配を立ち上げる作品。








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