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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Today, I finished to remit to your PayPal account. Please confirm that the ...

[Deleted Account] Translated by [Deleted Account]
Today, I finished to remit to your PayPal account.
Please confirm that the commission of receipt is sent a little more.

I appreciate it that you have been waiting for a while.

Please note that there are a little bit scratch and turn because it is a catalog kept by personal storage, which is not looked through only once.

If you are in a hurry, please select expedited shipping.
It will arrive in 3 days to US and Australia, 2-4 days to Europe according to each country, 3 days to a week to each country in Asia.
It is possible to track an and to be insured for about 20,000 dollars at the maximum.
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お急ぎの場合はexpedited shipping をお選び下さい。

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