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raywing Translated by raywing
Passwords, as a level of security for our accounts, it goes without saying that we should safeguard it properly.
When discussing "passwords", we often talk about what kind of passwords are safe - alphanumeric, mixture of uppercase and lowercase characters, not to use easily obtained personal information such as telephone numbers... etc. Each and everyone of us takes great care to protect our passwords. So... For those websites which we key our passwords on, how do they protect our passwords?

Keying in account numbers and passwords on a webpage, then clicking "submit", and the set of codes get transferred to another computer to match with the records in their database. If the match is successful, the account gets logged in.
.... Does anyone feel anything amiss somewhere?
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密碼作為我們帳戶的一層防護,理當要好好守護它。在討論「密碼」的時候,我們大多談輪該用什麼樣的密碼才安全 — — 混合數字、英文大小寫字母,不要單用電話號碼等太容易被取得的個人資料⋯⋯等等。


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