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“Happy Turn” (Rice cracker) with consommé taste!

Happy Turn is a popular snack often eaten in Japan. Sweet powder is added to rice snack and it is the tasty snack where you would love to eat all the time. It is the consommé taste of this popular snack.

It is an oval and crispy senbei!

The characteristics of Happy Turn is that seasoning powder with unique flavor is added to the long and oval senbei. This seasoning powder is named "Happy powder".

Popular sweet that has been sold for a long time in Japan.
Since its start of sale in Japan in 1976, it is a very popular sweet that has been loved by Japanese people for a long time.

Power by magic!
The sweet powder put around rice cracker is sometimes called "powder of magic" among fans since people tend to want to eat it repeatedly.

yamashina Translated by yamashina
有着清汤口味的“Happy Turn”米饼!

Happy Turn是个在日本很著名的道地零食。把甜甜的粉倒入米饼里,借由其清汤的口味成为您最爱的美味零食。


Happy Turn的特征就在于它独特的调味粉。这调味粉就叫做”Happy Powder“。



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