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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Stretch Goal #4: Web & Watch Apps Help us reach HK$1,365,000 (~USD$175,000) ...

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Stretch Goal #4: Web & Watch Apps

Help us reach
HK$1,365,000 (~USD$175,000)
And unlock Web & Watch Apps:

A web app for better insights and graphs, to help you learn about your usage and simplify managing your devices; get on-the-go, at a glance control with our watch apps

Stretch Goal #5: Physical Interface

Help us reach
HK$1,560,000 (~ USD$200,000)
A separate and simple add-on for your Ambi Climate; USB-connected, providing physical buttons to turn your Ambi on/off and give instant comfort feedback, no app involved!
tourmaline Translated by tourmaline
ストレッチゴール #4: ウェブ & 時計アプリ

1,365,000香港ドル (~175,000米ドル)
ウェブ & 時計アプリを使ってください


ストレッチゴール #5: 物理的なインターフェース

1,560,000香港ドル (~ $200,000米ドル)
Ambi Climateへの簡単な付属品; USBコネクト, Ambiの電源を物理ボタンで押すことができ、すぐにフィードバックできてアプリは不要です。

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