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I'm using the Global Shipping Program I ship the sold item to the US shipping center There, an international shipping provider oversees Ebay handles processing customs clearance, and international shipment of the item All further information of shipping will be provided to you by EBay

seller has shipped your order to the Global Shipping Center where it will be prepared for international shipping to 4-1
You will receive email updates as your shipment makes its way to you. Plus you can always visit the View Order Details section for detailed tracking of your shipment
Translated by ka28310

販売者はお客様の注文をグローバル・シッピング・プログラムに送り、4-1に国際発送するように準備されます。お客様は国際発送の最新状況を随時、メールを受信して知ることができます。また、 View Order Details セクションを参照することで詳しい出荷状況について知ることができます。

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