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Roald Dahl / Dr Seuss Books

As a child progresses with age and experience with reading and once they gain enough confidence, I would encourage them to read books that are assisted with pictures that are not so difficult.

Books by the English author Roald Dahl or by the American author Dr Seuss are captivating and allow children to progress their reading skills with ease and confidence. Again there are so many amazing titles that it is impossible to choose only one. Here are a list of the top ones from each author:

All children at a young age enjoy singing and dancing, especially at a young age. It’s a really easy way to get children to remember target language (instead of drilling the language, which can get very boring). Just look at the recent PPAP phenomenon! “I have a pen. I have (an) apple.” Has been repeated a frustrating amount of times in my classroom due to its catchy appeal and quirky hand gestures but nevertheless it has been very useful in teaching English in a fun and memorable way.

There are a vast amount of songs out there from nursery rhymes, Disney songs and other songs that are aimed at children. It’s impossible to name just one, but if you feel that your child could benefit from more audible materials then I would highly recommend any adult to search on YouTube or look in your local bookstore for CD’s or DVD’s. In my experience, kids get into certain songs extremely quickly, but they can become disinterested in them just as quickly. Japanese children in particular until a certain age (around 8 or 9 I would assume) have no problem with singing or making gestures while doing so whereas children above this age are extremely disinterested in such activities perhaps due to shyness or even because they have simply grown out of such things.
Please note that I highly recommend songs from an English speaking country. PPAP has been a great trend but mistakes are just as easy to learn too. For example dropping articles such as ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ are quite common mistakes that originate from Japanese/English songs as well as unnatural pronunciation features.

Cannot recommend any specific songs as there are too many that are similar in quality. The exploring is part of the fun!
Translated by shimauma


幼い年齢の子供達は皆、歌ったり踊ったりすることが好きです。これは、子供達に目指す言語を覚えさせる非常に簡単な方法です(とても退屈になりがちな、言語の繰り返し練習の代わりに)。最近のPPAP現象を見てください!「I have a pen. I have (an) apple.」は、その覚えやすさと風変りなジェスチャーのおかげで、クラスでイライラするくらいの回数繰り返されています。それでも、楽しく記憶に残るよう英語を教えるには、とても役に立っています。
英語圏の歌をお勧めします。PPAPはとても人気でしたが、間違いも簡単に学んでしまいます。例えば、冠詞の「a 」「an」「the」等を抜かしてしまうのは、独特な発音と同様、日本で作られた英語の歌によくみられる間違いです。


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