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[Translation from Japanese to English ] To our foreign customers Thankyou very much for visiting the hometown meet...

scintillar Translated by scintillar
To our foreign customers

Thankyou very much for visiting the hometown meeting hall Arpino.
This hall is a tourist facility complex situated in front of Karatsu Station in Karatsu city centre.
The 1st floor is a product exhibition area arranged with the best local speciality products chosen from Saga Prefecture.
The 2nd floor is a Karatsu ware exhibition sales display with Karatsu's local speciality products of the big three Japanese tea utensils (representative containers used for tea ceremony).
On the 3rd floor is an authentic Japanese food restaurant where you can enjoy local food products.
And, it's an establishment packed with everything that people stopping by in Saga prefecture would want.
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2Fには地元唐津の名産品、日本三大茶器 (茶道で用いる代表的な器です)でもある唐津焼の展示即売所

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