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scintillar Translated by scintillar
X and the relevant evaluation of the remaining cells originating in the thyroid gland.
Compared with the change of X via the R treatment, it was estimated whether there was a possibility of evaluating the remainder quantitatively. The R treatment was completed twice, and in the follow-up outpatient care, there was a re-occurrence in 5 of the patient subjects in at least 6 months or more after that. H was evaluated statistically before and after the treatment.
The mean value of H was 4 before the treatment, and after the treatment was 2, so it significantly fell after the treatment. 3 out of 5 people had H fall the second time, and in all cases of those 3, H=2.5.
There was a suggestion that X was related to the remainder, and for T-positive patients, X was maybe effective in cases where a decision couldn't be made on the therapeutic value of T.
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