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Japan Artists' Association,Inc.
I have received your apply for our membership on Ms. Hanako Yamada who is our committee member's recommendation, and I inform you that it was accepted officially at the board meeting that was held on July 12, 2016.
So, I would appreciate if you could pay the admission fee and membership fee using the payment form which was included in this mail by July 21.
Once we received the above, you are registered as our member and then we will send a member card and others. The shipment of the member card is scheduled around the end of August, 2016. Thank you for your cooperation. Well, the confederation membership card and IAA membership card has been completed, and I will send you it. In this regard, please check the photo and written data. By the way, please sing on the signature column by yourself. I appreciate if you use this card for preferential treatment of entrance to domestic and international museum or identification. You can enter the art exhibition of the organization which is held in Tokyo for free. Please refer to the membership list of art organization and museum which you can receive preferential treatment. ※IAA is the abbreviation of International Association of Art, and Japanese name is "Kokusai Bijutsu Renmei.", which is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) founded by UNESCO in 1954. Japan Artists Association has been participating in the activities of IAA as IAA Japan committee since the foundation of IAA. The members of Japan Artists Association automatically become the members of IAA.
The cherry blossom appreciation is the traditional event in spring. We hold the cherry blossom appreciation to enjoy the cherry blossom and rice dumpling in The BOICE PLANNING being also as a various exchanging under the cherry blossom. But, it is the appreciation like the BOICE PLANNING. We don't see the cherry and Japanese plum, but celebrate the spring season with the gorgeous works by various artists. It would be good to enjoy the cherry outside, and don't you think you have the event under the works filled with the BOICE PLANNING. Please come here to see the cherry blossom in the limited period.
We shorten the period into two days like the flowers blossom in spring, and are now preparing for the gorgeous exhibition which we line up the works of 50 people. We Boice Planning plans an exhibition whose title is "Boice Planning covered with a profusion of flowers" as a planned exhibition of spring 2016. It has bee held every year across the nation as a place where we enjoy spring, communicate and become familiar each other deeply along with "viewing of cherry blossom", which is the traditional Japanese event, is held when the cherry is in full bloom.
The Boice Planning, which welcomes 4th year, also planned to hold the exhibition where that kind of spring is loved.
We will hold the "viewing of flower" where the new flower is bloomed by Boice style. We invite those we have met in our activity, bring our own work and show it as flower and celebrate the spring together.
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なお上記のもの到着次第会員として登録し、会員証その他をお送りいたします。会員証の送付は、平成28年8月下旬頃の発送を予定しております。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 さて、このたび連盟会員証兼IAA会員証が完成いたしましたので、お送りいたします。つきましては、お写真・記載データをご確認くださいますようお願いいたします。なお、署名欄にはご本人がご署名ください。このカードを国内外の美術館への入場優待や
※IAAはInternational Association of Artの略称で、日本名は国際美術連盟。ユネスコによって1954年に創立された専門美術家のNGO(国際非政府組織)です。日本美術家連盟はIAA創立以来、IAA日本委員会として、その活動に参加しています。連盟会員は自動的にIAA会員になります。


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