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[Translation from English to Japanese ] I have received Rosie back today and I have been working on her all afternoon...

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I have received Rosie back today and I have been working on her all afternoon with the new connectors. Unfortunately even with the new connectors the legs are still dangling down too low. I have tried all different ways to fix the legs but nothing has worked. I don't understand why they are hanging low down like that. I wonder if Rosie girl torso is different than Rosie boy torso so the legs don't fit as snug.
I want to make you a new complete baby free of charge because I don't know what else I can do to fix Rosie's legs :0)
Do you want to choose a different kit that you would like me to make? I would prefer not to order any more Sandy Faber kits with the connectors in case the same thing happens again.
Translated by shimauma
別のキットで作った方がよいでしょうか?また同じ事が起こるのを避けるため、できればこれ以上Sandy Faberキットとコネクターを注文したくありません。

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