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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The washi paper, made from only high-quality kozo plant (mulberry), was used ...

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Japanese paper rivaling the best clothing - "The best paper that doesn't break even when wet"

From the cultivation of the highest quality Japanese mulberry trees as the raw materials of paper, we are particular about making everything by hand, such as paper products and handmade paper.

In the Edo period, there weren't enough mulberry trees for the raw material of paper, so paper was made from the pulp of various materials. Paper was classified into 30 kinds according to the raw materials, and there existed wheat straw paper, wild rice paper, inner crosspiece mandala paper, and three-pronged fork paper.
The raw materials of Japanese paper are not limited to the mulberry tree.
The washi paper, made from only high-quality kozo plant (mulberry), was used for an account book by merchants during the Edo period because of its superior strength and durability.
The traditional kozo washi producers are a flame keeper with more than hundreds-of-years-old authentic technique that is certified as an "important intangible cultural heritage to take measures for record keeping and such" by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs.
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