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[Translation from Japanese to English ] "So many variety of leathers" X "Art of emboss craftsmanship" I have been ...

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"So many variety of leathers" X "Art of emboss craftsmanship"

I have been continuing the trails that was just like grabbing the clouds. But finally I have come to the expression as I have been imaging.

I would like to fix the embossing crafting process soon and would like to enter into producing the actual samples.

"Wishing to touch stars." This thought was the foundation of the this project.
I would like to share with you this project where this thought of mine is gradually turning into actual a product. I would like to participate in reporting to you by my writing and photos though they might be fragmental and might not covering every aspect. At the participation of this project, I'm looking at the near place that the first wish "I want to touch star" sympathize with many people resolve, and is associate with material, design, and technique and grows up.

I'm looking forward to come the time when the wish "I want to touch star" see the light of day, and sincerely would like to deliver it much more people and far away.

Such a fragment of hope is struggling with birth pangs.
Many people kindness and strictness politely make prepare for creating.
I would like you to bring up such coming stars on your own. Days while it is being touched by your hands will become each star's character and attraction.

We named it before it is born.
First of all to Hinomoto, I want to see it as soon as possible.

What color is the moon?

As the project proceeds, I have more chances to look up the sky to find the moon.
Since I meet the moon with different expression every time, I get confused by my recognition that what color do I think the moon is.

The moon on yesterday or today, and the current moon or previous moon. While I am looking light of the moon that changes every hours, I can understand that various conditions including waxing and waning of the moon, seasons of the earth and time may influence the color of light. And I believe the feeling is a part of such conditions.
I think, we can see different Moon every day because we reflect the flicker of our internal emotion which varies day by day, on the Moon as long as we live.
The moon looks warm and kind on some days, and it also seems sad and lonely on other days. Probably my feeling at that time make me look at the Moon in such different ways.

Then, I think we can tell that the current color of the light from the Moon might be the same color as the color of the light of my own.
I wish the light of planetario arrives at deep internal part of the human beings.
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これから生まれてくるそんな星たちを皆様の手で育ててあげてほしいです 皆様の手に触れられる月日がその星それぞれの個性になり魅力になります



昨日の月と今日の月、さっきの月と今の月、移ろう月の光を見ていると、月の満ち欠けや地球の季節や天気や時間などの沢山の条件が光の色に変化をもたらす事がわかります そしてその条件の中に感情もあるように思います。

planetario の光も人の内なる所に届くようにと願います。

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