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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ①THE 9TH GUNMA BIENNALE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS will take place at Gunma Prefecture...

hhanyu7 Translated by hhanyu7
①THE 9TH GUNMA BIENNALE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS will take place at Gunma Prefecture Museum of Modern Art. This exhibition offers public invitation for the young generation between the ages of 16 to 29. The exhibition took over from "Gunma Youth Art Exhibition" with a long history since the opening of the museum, and has been held every other year since 1991. The judgement will be divided into two phases according to an increasing number of entries. A first-stage examination will be a documentary examination such as a work's photo, plan and production idea, and a creator's activity history, and a second-stage examination will examine works. Through these stages, a prize work and other winning works will be determined. ② The ninth exhibition was postponed for a year because of renovations, resulting in a preferential measure to raise a qualifying age to one year older than the upper limit age. Even though this is the first exhibition in the last three years, or since 2005, it had the largest number of entries with 844 people and 1,282 works. 156 people and 170 works made the cut In the first-stage examination, and after the careful selection, 47 people and 49 works made the cut in the second-stage examination. Of those, one work won the grand prize, two works won the outstanding work prize, and five works won the encouraging prize. All of these works are full of high motivation, showing great promise for the young artists in years to come. ③It would be great if you could find a new possibility in many different expressions playing out in the modern art building of the museum with expansive grounds. Last but certainly not least, we deeply appreciate all the people involved, including the judges who invested your time and energy into this exhibition.

<International Print Exhibition receiving attention from the world>
The 6th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition Of Prints 2005, held once every three years, started in 1990 with the goal to improve the internationalization of Tosa Japanese paper and the culture of Koch prefecture, and the exhibition is now in its 6th year.
④While internationally posted exhibitions held in major cities were dumped into the dustbin, this print exhibition has become one of the best international print exhibitions with public invitation.
The exhibition had the largest number of entries in its history with 73 countries and 1,515 people, and will exhibit 203 prize winning art works, which were selected after a careful and strict examination.
You can fully realize artists' passions through their works reflecting their inner voice and the era. Please come and visit Kochi's world-class print exhibition with collections of the current print art from around the world. We are sure you will encounter a real inspiration.
User's Request Text
① このたび群馬県立近代美術館では「群馬青年ビエンナーレ2008」を開催いたします。「群馬青年ビエンナーレ」は、16歳から29歳までの若い世代を対象とした全国公募の展覧会です。開館以来の長い歴史をもつ「群馬青年美術展」を引き継ぎ、1991 年以来隔年で開催されています。審査は、応募者数の増加に対応して、二段階でおこなわれています。作品の写真やプラン、制作意図、応募者の活動歴などの書類による一次審査、そして作品による二次審査を経て、入賞および入選作品が決定されます。 ② 第9回となる今回は、改修工事による休館の影響で開催を一年延期したため、特例措置として対象年齢の上限を一年引き上げました。2005年以来3年,ぶりの開催となりましたが、過去最多となる884人から1,282点の応募があり、一次審査では156人170点が通過しました。二次審査でさらに厳選された結果47人49点が入選を果たし、その中から大賞1 点、優秀賞2点、奨励賞5点が選ばれています。これらの作品はどれも意欲にあふれ、若きアーティストたちの今後の飛躍を期待させるものばかりです。 ③ 広大なスペースを誇る当館の現代美術棟に展開される多様な表現の中に、新しい可能性を見いだしていただければ幸いです。最後になりましたが、本展の開催にあたり多大なるご尽力を賜りました審査員の皆様をはじめ、ご協力いただきました関係者の方々に深く感謝申し上げます。

④ その間、日本の主要都市で行われていた国際公募展も淘汰され、今や日本はもちろん世界でも指折りの版画国際公募展となりました。

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