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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Osaka is famous for one bite dumpling, but you can find the restaurant you ca...

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Osaka is famous for one bite dumpling, but you can find the restaurant you can eat that in Shinjuku.
Beer Loves Gyoza, Pub style dumpling restaurant nearby Shinjuku west exit serves Osaka cuisine one bite dumpling arranged for snack for beer.

This store serves 6 types of keg beers and 10 different types of one bite dumpling.

6 types of keg beer(glass) 290JPY each
I recommend glass beer as it keeps cold.

BLG dumpling 390JPY
This is the must order plate that comes with restaurant name.

Eight pieces of small jiao-zi wrapped with very thin skin on one plate. The crispy feeling is so excellent.

The taste of the filling of jiao-zi is spicy, and matches the crispy texture very much. You can drink as much beer as you want.

- Tororon Jiao-zi 490 yen.
A lot of Tororo, made from yam and tasted with soup is on Jiao-zi.
It is very healthy jiao-zi.

Other than jiao-zi I introduced today, there are various jiao-zi matching with beer, such as Japanese basil jiao-zi, cheese jiao-zi and fried jiao-zi.

It is highly recommended that you come to the restaurant with your buddies and to enjoy various jiao-zi and beer.
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新宿西口にある「一口餃子酒場BLG(Beer Loves Gyoza)」は、大阪名物の一口餃子をビールのおつまみ用にアレンジした餃子を提供している、パブ型の餃子専門店です。


・樽生ビール6種(グラス) 各290円

・BLG餃子 390円
お店の名前が付いている当店定番メニューです。 超薄皮に包まれた小型の餃子が8個で一皿。このパリッとした食感がたまりません。


・とろろん餃子 490円



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