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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ・ It is a dried bonito shaver made by the craftsman of Kamo who is famous for...

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• 外箱は恒湿性に優れ防虫・防腐効果がある桐を使用、カンナ台には頑丈な白樫。
• 引き出しを省略したことによ本格派ながらも低価格&コンパクトを実現
• 鰹節は削りたてが最高の風味です。ひと手間かけて極上の風味を。


bluejeans71 Translated by bluejeans71
・This is a dried bonito shaver designed by a traditional Kamo chest and drawers maker,
famous for the designs of chest of drawers of paulownia wood.
• The out box uses paulownia wood, which helps keep the dried bonito flakes dry along with
anticorrosion and insect proofing effects; white oak is used for the plane table.
•While this shaver is orthodox, the price is low with a compact design as the drawer of the shaver has been omitted.
・Bonito flakes have the highest flavor when they are just shaved. A little touch helps create the excellent flavor.
・There are two bars of dried bonito, and one is the back part of the bonito (back side); the other is the belly part of the bonito (belly side).
The belly side gives a more rich taste as it contains belly fat, and the back side gives a light taste with less fat.

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