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[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1. A fruit which grows on a tall deciduous tree of the Rosaceae family of the...

sunember123 Translated by sunember123
1. It's a fruit of a deciduous tree belonging to the family Rosecaea, genus Malus.
2. It's a highly adaptive small mammal.
3. Its weight is 200kg. It has a thick tough hemispherical umbrella.
4. It's a docile, easy-to-raise animal.
5. A female can give birth to a maximum of 300 million eggs at once.
6. It has been theorized that this statue was made for the purpose of worshipping one's ancestors.
7. Its habitat is in brackish waters, but there has been cases of individuals following the currents offshore and moves to islands.
8. It's considered to be the fish with the longest adult specimens in the world.
9. It's one of the rhinoceros species which widely populated the Jurassia continent 36 million years ago. It was the largest mammal on the continent.
10. It's the largest pterosaur and largest flying creature in recorded history. Its weight was approximately 70kg.
11. The total weight of the coating on the fuselage was estimated to be 150kg.
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